gibson services gibson services tree removal, tight space no room for felling 45197525 45197524 mini digger 45442196 4x4 and tipper 49882284 landscaping levelling ground around the pool 49882291 crosscutting 102727245 crosscutting 102727246 crosscutting 102727248 de-limbing and crosscutting 102727249 de-limbing and crosscutting 102727251 de-limbing and crosscutting 102727252 crosscutting 102727254 cutting to length some trees/logs can be left in longer lengths and used for original garden features 102731856 branches cleared ready for loading 102731857 felling with a rope and 4x4 safe and controlled felling 102731858 going,going...... safe felling with rope and 4x4 102731865 gone precise felling with rope and 4x4 102731859 logging crosscutting 102731860 crosscutting once felled,cutting tree to manageable sizes 102731861 loading loading the trailer after felling/crosscutting 102731863 firewood tree felled,logged and tipped where you need it 102731864